Automatic Case Packer Machine For Facial Tissue ZX660B




Soontrue Case Packer machine for tissue paper product ( One Machine For Case Erecting, Case Packing And Case Sealing). Automatic case packing machine is the key part of the automatic packing line. According to the package format, packaging quantity and output requirements, it can be divided into two types: robot case loading and mechanical packaging machine. The robot packaging machine greatly improves the flexibility, stability and reliability of the packing line by changing the fixture and setting different grabbing procedures.

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tissue paper carton packing machine



Carton packing speed

7-12 ctns/min ( according to different product and packing type, the speed is different )

Carton L


Carton W


Carton H


Sealing tape

48mm or 70mm

Machine dimension

(L×W×H, including arranging conveyor)

Carton total power

15KW (including arranging conveyor)

Air supply


air consumption

200L/min (need customer prepare)


about 3000KG (including arranging conveyor)



Machine color


Storage cartons

80-90 (3 layers)



Soontrue ZX660B Manufacturing automatic conveyor belt case packing machine with manipulator

ZX660B carton case packing machine is controlled by Inovance controller and servos. Reasonable design and fine processing of the whole machine, and famous electric components makes the machine stable and wide application.

Carton case packing machine is combined with in-feeder, tissue pile up device, and filling conveyor among which the pile up device is controlled by servos.
Carton case packing machine can be equipped with side feeding unit and vertical feeding unit for different requirement.
Carton case packing machine has precise case sending and will alarm if the cartons are missing.
When the carton case packing machine stops, the machine will stop the conveyors for operator checking. The machine has overload alarm and can be reset by manually solve the overload problem and press the reset button to make the servo control system to back to the origin point(slowly back).
The cases will be sealed by the tapes to assure the better sealing effect.



Soontrue is a professional tissue converting and packing machine manufacturer. Founded in 1993, with more than 133,500 square meters plant space and more than 2,000 well-trained and knowledgeable staff members, more than 700 of them are middle and senior technicians ; Our annual revenue reaches over USD300 million; with more than 2,000 patents to make sure our machines leading ahead in the industry.
Soontrue has 4 manufacturing bases which are Shanghai, Foshan, Pinghu, and Chengdu factories, Not satisfied with our achievements in China, over the past few years, we have successfully provided solutions and services for our customers in 160 countries and regions around the world. In China, Soontrue is a famous brand and the machines are widely used in all the big tissue factories, with more than 70% of domestic market share. Innovation,Intelligence, efficiency and service are always what we are striving for, win-win situation with customers is our final goal!

Q1: Can the same production line produce different tissues
Answer: It depends. For kitchen towel and household tissue, the crafts and materials are different, (the patten engraving depth is different), so patten embossing unit needs different ones.

Q2: I'm worried that I don't know how to operate your machine
Answer: Do not worry. Our tissue manufacturing machine is servo controlled, which greatly simplifies the difficulty of operation and commissioning. Most of the daily operation of the machine can be conducted by a few start-stop buttons and HMI. We can also provide instructional videos to give you step-by-step tutorial if necessary.

Q3: If I buy your tissue making machine, what technical support can I get?
Answer: Whether you buy a toilet paper making machine, a paper napkin making machine, or a facial tissue making machine, we will provide you with 24-hour online technical support. In addition, we can also provide you with instructional videos on the installation and daily commissioning and maintenance. For some customized tissue paper production line, our professional after-sales technicians can also provide on-site installation and commissioning services as per request (buyer should bear the cost for the service).

Q4: How do we build trust in the first business?
Answer: We believe that a win-win business must be based on our professional services and excellent products. Our team will fully study your needs, and clearly explain our products and solutions to you so that you can understand our services. We can take you to visit our modern factory through a video call, so that you can understand how your machine will be produced and let you know more about our products. Before delivery, we can cooperate with your partners to carry out factory acceptance test, or carry out acceptance through test video or video call. Make sure that the best tissue paper making machine you need is ready before shipment.

Q5: How can I find the suitable automatic tissue paper manufacturing machine I need?
Answer: We will fully communicate of the information of your tissue, including the width and diameter of the jumbo roll, pattern type, paper thickness, grammage etc.We have nearly 30 years of experience as a machinery manufacturer and can provide you with similar case videos for your reference.If necessary, we will ask you for samples of your tissue paper and packaging films for testing, in order to find the most suitable and cost-effective solution for you.