Operating Procedures and Working Principles of Log Saw Cutting Machine

1. The operating procedures of the log saw cutting machine

(1) Before starting the machine, operators must make a sanitary treatment on the machine's surface and inside to clean all the paper scraps. And operators should check the lubrication system, paper cutter, etc. for looseness or abnormality.


(2) After the log saw cutting machine is turned on and run at low speed for a few minutes, adjust the air pressure to 0.3 to 0.5mpa, and check whether the four doors are closed tightly and whether there is a severe problem.


(3) Read the production notice carefully and produce according to the required specifications.


(4) During production, check whether the paper roll surface is wrinkled and whether there are wrinkles, burrs, bumps, yellowing, blackening, and inconsistencies in length on the end surface, and make timely adjustments once one of these phenomena appears.


(5) To lift the cutter head by hand wheel, loosen the M16 screws on the cutter head support first, and tighten the screws after lifting it in place.


(6) When replacing a new blade, it's best to raise the cutter head to the highest position. After changing the blade, please check the cutter to make sure it touched the bottom, and then turn on the machine.


(7) When the sharpening sound is abnormal, and the blade is heating up severely, you need to stop the machine and check whether the grinding wheel is blocked. And clean or replace it with a new grinding wheel. It should be noted that the pressure of the grinding wheel on the blade should be light because too much pressure will cause damage to the cutter of the log saw cutting machine.


(8) When replacing the push palm, you need to measure the distance between the push palms and determine the position to tighten the screws.


(9) The position of the photoelectric switch of the paper guide slot should not be changed by non-professionals if there is no special situation. Otherwise, the cutter will be damaged.


(10) After the shift, the site must be cleaned to keep it tidy, stop the operation of the machinery, and cut off the power supply.


2. The working principles of the log saw cutting machine


The log saw cutting machine can transport the entire facial tissue to the paper cutting machine, and use a large round knife to cut into the set length without squeezing or damaging the facial tissue. This machine adopts servo drive technology to control the facial tissue into the paper cutting machine for cutting. The operators can adjust the cutting length of face tissue arbitrarily within the allowable range of this machine. The sharpening angle of the log saw cutting machine is fixed to ensure the quality of the sharpening. There is a dust suction device on the sharpening part to suck away the dust and play the role of cooling down. There is also an automatic knife sharpening system, which uses compressed air to cool the sharpening place for the next step of cutting paper.


The log saw cutting machine produced by Shanghai Soontrue Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd has smooth cuts. The electrical control box and the host have been integrated to ensure that the circuit is not damaged. The degree of automation is high, and the electrical operation between the production gaps can be adjusted automatically without repeated manual work. With a speed of 250 cuts/min and a stable operation, it has no air cutting and supports a one-button start and stop. With simple training, novices can get it started. If you have any needs, please feel free to consult us.