Mini and Stylish ZB802 Mini Wet Tissue Tube Film Bag Packaging Machine

1. Toilet paper packaging machine: ZB802 tube film bag packaging machine of mini wet tissue (double channel)

Toilet paper packaging machine: ZB802 mini wet tissue tube film bag packaging machine (double channel). The producing speed is 110 to 120 packs/min, and it is mini with an upgrading quality. The quality has been guaranteed with all-around professional testing, and products are safer and more reliable. The equipment production capacity is 110 to 120 packs/min; the power supply type is 220V 50Hz; the suitable packaging thickness is 0.05 to 0.08 (MM); the PE double-sided heat-sealing film (recommended), various heat-sealing composite films are suitable for packaging film materials; the weight of the whole machine is 3000KG; equipment power is 10KWw; 7.4X1.0X2.2(m) dimensions: length x width x height.

2. Features of toilet paper packaging machine ZB802 mini wet tissue tube film bag packaging machine (double channel)


(1) Stable performance and fast response speed. This toilet paper packaging machine adopts 9-axis Mitsubishi J4 series servo independent drive with fast response speed and precise action. The control system is controlled by Mitsubishi Q series PLC, motion CPU, and Mitsubishi J4 high-resolution servo. And the high-speed operation performance is more stable.

(2) High accuracy of automatic detection. The toilet paper packaging machine has the function of bag opening detection, and if the bag opening is unsuccessful, the material will not be put into it; it has the function of detecting incoming materials, and if there is no material, the bag is not taken out. Besides, it has the function of automatically closing if there is no material for a long time.

(3) High percent of pass and quality is guaranteed. The bag making and final sealing processes of this toilet paper packaging machine are operated by the heating tube of Omron's high-end temperature control system, and with the stability deviation of plus or minus 1°, it can ensure that it can finish making packaging bags when running with a high speed.

(4) Convenient operation to improve quality and efficiency. The touch screen control system of this toilet paper packaging machine displays parameter settings. The operators can switch the product parameters easily, and it is more convenient to change specifications. What's more, the packaging speed can reach 60 packs/min, the operation is simple and effective, the sealing is firm, and the product is beautiful.