ZB800M Cotton Tissue Packing Machine

Specifications of ZB800M Cotton Tissue Packing Machine

Model ZB800M
Packing film Max film bag roll diameter φ600 mm
Bag roll core diameter φ76-78mm
Packing film Applied film thickness 0.03mm—0.06mm;
Applied film material PE double-side heating film (Re-command) and different hot-sealing film
Speed Design speed 70packs/min
Production speed(cotton towel) 40-55packs/min (varied according to different spec)
Power rate Motor power rate 11 Kw
The main motor heating rate 3.0Kw
Packing spec L 100 mm -200 mm(can pack 230mm length after modification)
W 70 mm -110 mm
H 20mm -80 mm
Machine weight 3000KG
Packing qualified product ≥98%
Out dimension 7000mm×1000mm×2200mm(L×W×H)
Power type 3P380V (3PHASE 4 LINE)
Compressed air qty 6kg/cm2  0.45m3/min
Machine noise


According to the different packaging requirements, the specific technical parameters of the cotton packing machine will be changed, and the ones out of the range can be customized according to the product characteristics.

Features of ZB800M Cotton Tissue Packing Machine

This type of tissue machine for sale is suitable for packing sanitary pads and cotton tissue.

Soontrue Machinery has high-precision CNC machine tools and machining centers, advanced production equipment, sophisticated technology and a strict and complete quality management system. We gather a scientific and technological team with professional and technical elites to make full use of new technologies, new processes, and new materials to ensure the stability and reliability of the machine.

After connecting with the upstream machines, the conveyor of this series will convey the products to the packing machines; the conveying speed can be adjusted by the inverters. 

  • There are in total 2 film rolls combined with two inverters. One is on running and the other is for spare. The film roll is located by air shaft. 

  • The bag cutting and pulling are controlled by a servo with the function of decelerating for the color mark in order to assure the bag length stable.

  • The machine is equipped with a packing film detecting function and will have alarm without film.

  • The machine is equipped with a film centralizing function. 

  • The bag pull-on device is controlled by a servo to put the bags on the tools located on the rotary wheel. 

  • This part is controlled by servo, and it has two pairs of symmetric bag pull-on tools, the bag pull-on device and bag filling is changed in turn during running. 

  • The bag pushing device is controlled by PLC and can push the product into the bags stalely. 

  • The end sealing is controlled by servo.

  • The out-feed device is combined with a servo-driven out-feeding device and a horizontal conveying device or a flexible conveyor device less than 1000mm. 

  • The machine is equipped with a safe door interlock, the machine will stop if the door is open. 

Samples of ZB800M Cotton Tissue & Sanitary Packing Machine

Sample of ZB800M Cotton Tissue Packing MachineSample of ZB800M Cotton Tissue Packing Machine

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ZB800M Cotton Tissue Packing Machine