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ZB800M Cotton Tissue Packing Machine Improves the Appearance of Packaging

ZB800M Cotton Tissue Packing Machine Improves the Appearance of Packaging

ZB800M Cotton Tissue Packing Machine

Packing speed: 45-60 bags/min;

New packaging experience, conducive to your production;

Online sealing and cutting bag, with higher production efficiency;

The packaging bag has perfect edges;

The product packaging is beautiful and exquisite, which improves the product grade.


A full range of professional testing makes it safer and more reliable to use.

  • Packing speed: 45-60 bags/min

  • FPY: ≥97%

  • PE double-sided heat sealing film (recommended)

  • Various heat-sealing composite films: adapt to packaging film materials

  • Machine weight: 3000KG

  • Host heating power 3.0KW

  • Power supply type 4P380V


High quality with high performance. Its excellent performance are as follows:

1. High-perfomance

Stable performance and fast response

  • It adopts 10-axis Mitsubishi J4 series servo independent drive with fast response speed and precise action

  • The control system is equipped with Mitsubishi Q series PLC, motion CPU and Mitsubishi J4 high-resolution servo, and the high-speed operation performance is more stable

2. More convenient

Simple and convenient operation

  • Large LCD touch screen display and parameter setting, easy to change specifications

  • Fully automatic material sorting unit, with the function of material shortage acceleration and full material deceleration. It is perfectly connected to the front-end automatic equipment

  • The final sealing adopts German ROPEX intelligent temperature control, electric heating wire rapid heating and cooling, according to the advantage of not needing to replace electric heating wire and high temperature tape for a long time


3. Better quality

High qualification rate with small error

  • The sealing of the bag is controlled by the heating tube of Omron's high-end temperature control system, and the stability deviation is at a high speed of plus or minus 1° to ensure that each packaging bag can complete the bag making

  • It has the function of bag opening detection, and the unsuccessful opening of the bag does not push the material.

  • It has the function of incoming quality control (IQC). Nno material, no bag is taken. And there is no material for a long time, the fan will be automatically turned off

  • Equipped with automatic correction device for packaging film (Germany)

Recommendation of hot products:

(1) TD300A cotton tissue packing machine

10-25 bags/min

(2) ZB800W sanitary napkin packing machine

30-60 bags/min

(3) ZN600 high-speed diaper mid-packing machine

30-35 bags/min (single row)/15-20 bags/min (double row)

(4) CsG-GDR100 sanitary napkin zipper bag feeding bag packing machine

30-40 bags/min