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ZB690F Roll Tissue Bundler

ZB690F Roll Tissue Bundler

ZB690F Roll Tissue Bundler

This paper roll packing machine is suitable for packing tissues in bundle.

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Samples of ZB690F Bundler

Model numberZB690F
Average Speed22 bundles/min
Packing typeLying down rolls 2 lines 1layer: 2.4.6 rolls
Lying down rolls 2 lines 2layer: 4.8.12 rolls
Lying down rolls 3 lines 1layer: 3.6.9 rolls
Lying down rolls 3 lines 2layer: 6.12.18 rolls
Maximum bundle bag Length900mm
Finished bundle max length700mm
Finished bundle Width160~420mm
Finished bundle height90~270mm
Bag materialPE Pre-made bag
Packing film thickness40-60μm
Pre-made bag stock2 bag stocks, automatically change and every stock capacity is 300 pieces bag
Machine size8620×2190×1800mm(L×W×H, do not include the tidying line and outlet line)
Whole power22Kw, operating power 20 Kw
Power supply380V 50HZ (if different, pls specify)
Air consuming0.5~0.7Mpa, air usage: 350L/min
WeightAround 4000kg

≤80 dB

Samples of ZB690F Bundler

Sample of ZB690F Toilet Paper Roll Bundle Packing Machine

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