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Toilet Roll Packing Machine With Paper Film ZB520P

Toilet Roll Packing Machine With Paper Film ZB520P

Toilet Roll Packing Machine With Paper Film ZB520P
Toilet Roll Packing Machine With Paper Film ZB520P

Specification Of Paper Film Roll Packing Machine

Machine ModelZB520P
Packing speed(packs/min)60-100packs/min
Packing size: tissue rolls Diameter90-130mm
tissue rolls Length90-130mm
Packing paper: Width (mm)360mm
Packing paper material17-26g(Sydney paper/copy paper)
Air supply0.5-0.7Mpa
Motor power rate (kw)13.2kw
Power supply type380V 50HZ
Machine weight(kg)about 4000kg
Machine dimension(mm)L 2880mm  W3050mm  H1925mm
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Its Suitable for using paper film to pack toilet roll,wrap single roll toilet ,pack toilet paper roll,pack toilet paper,pack kitchen towel ,wrap single kitchen towel roll at high speed fully automatically.

Paper Film Roll Packing Machine Videos

Main Features of Paper Film Roll Packing Machine

  • Product design and packaging speed: 100 PCS/min;

  • The machine structure is simple, the power system and packaging system are new open structure, easy to adjust and maintain; The machine is compact in size, small in area, convenient for layout, operation and maintenance. The whole machine structure is firm, the vibration is small when working, the packing effect is stable.

  • Brand new packaging film pre-cutting -- pull off structure (patent), reliable action, wide range of packaging film, low tool loss, not sensitive to packaging film moisture and electrostatic residue.

  • New film cutting position adjustment structure (patent), adjustment mode and visual effect.

  • Optimized paper push forward structure (patented) for easy adjustment.

  •  New vacuum membrane structure, stable and reliable membrane, precise position.

  • Brand - new film - plug molding mechanism (patent), beautiful shape, reliable action.

  • Strengthen the body structure and the movement structure, the whole machine vibration is small and the stability is high

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