Automatic Single Roll Toilet Paper Packing Machine ZB520A

Specifications of ZB520A Single Roll Film Wrapping/Packaging Machine

Model ZB520A
Packing Size Diameter 90-130(mm)
Length 90-230(mm)
Packing Film Max Film Roll Dia φ400 mm
Max Film Width 700mm
Film Thickness 0.018mm—0.03mm;
Material SPP, KPP, OPP
Packing Speed 30-80PACKS/MINUTE
General Power 15.5Kw
Machine Weight 2500(kg)
Machine Dimension L5000*W3450*H1700(mm)
Power Type 3 PHASE 4 WIRE 380V 50HZ
Compressed Air Supply 6kg/cm2  0.25m3/min
Machine Noise ≤75(dB)

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Main Features of Toilet Roll Paper Packing Machinery

Not only can this series of single roll film wrapping machines be effectively utilized to pack high-quality toilet rolls and wrap single roll toilets, but the ZB520A automatic roll packing machine series can also perform the function of packing kitchen towels and wrapping single kitchen towels roll at high speed fully automatically. Feel free to contact Soontrue, one of the professional toilet paper machine manufacturers in China, for further information.

  • This toilet paper packaging machine adopts 5-axis servo control technology, with fast response speed and precise movement.

  • This ZB520A single roll film wrapping machine is suitable for packing single toilet rolls, double rolls, four rolls, and double kitchen rolls.

  • The middle seal of this toilet roll packaging machine adopts an instant heating method and temperature control module control;

  • The middle seal temperature of the ZB520A machine can be automatically adjusted according to different packaging speeds;

  • The shutdown film of this single roll film wrapping machine series will not burn the packaging film and the sealing effect is firm and beautiful;

  • With anti-air bag function (that is, no film without material);

  • With the large LCD touch screen display and advanced parameter setting, this automatic single toilet paper roll packing machine can easily change its own specifications.

Single Toilet Roll Packaging Machine Videos

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