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ZB300F Tissue Packing Machine With Max.100bags/min

ZB300F Tissue Packing Machine With Max.100bags/min

ZB300F Tissue Packing Machine With Max.100bags/min

This machine is suitable for packing facial tissue, hand towel and napkins. 

This paper napkin packing machine controlled by integrated controller system, stepless speed regulation by frequency converter supplemented by servo system, touch screen operation interface

Adopting a crank rocker pushing structure, the film pulling, cutting knife and intermediate feeding are all driven by servo power, which makes the film pulling, cutting and feeding movement smooth and accurate.

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A wide range of packaging, replacement of small parts can realize the packaging of scarves, ultra-thin products, straight-knife, arc-knife, triangle-knife, etc. can be used in this machine.

With spindle torque and servo structure torque limit function to avoid damage to parts due to overload.

This series of equipment adopts different configurations according to customers' requirements for product line speed. Soontrue has two products with different packaging speeds for customers to choose from.

Specifications of ZB300F Tissue Packing Machine

Tissue sizesL: 100-230mm
W: 90-150mm
Average packing speed85-100 bags/min
Air supply0.5-0.7 MPa
Machine weight3000kg
Outer dimensions
Total power9kw
Max packing size
Working noise≤78dB
Packing filmCPP with 40 microns thickness
Power supply type380V, 50Hz
Film rolls max diameter450mm
Film rolls inner core diameter75-78mm

Samples of ZB300F Tissue Packing Machine

ZB300AN Facial Tissue & Napkin Packing Machine

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