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What Preparations are Needed to Increase the Tissue Paper Production Line?

What Preparations are Needed to Increase the Tissue Paper Production Line?

Now many people have taken a fancy to the business opportunity of toilet paper processing and want to invest in the tissue paper production line of their own, but they don't know what they need, so let's briefly introduce it below.

The three main aspects of tissue paper production line processing are equipment, base paper and workshop.

tissue paper production line

The first is equipment. The main equipment needed to process toilet paper is a toilet paper rewinding machine. This set mainly includes three types of paper rolls, paper cutters and sealing machines. The ordinary one is different according to the model.

Then the base paper. Many people will ask what raw materials are used in this equipment. In fact, the toilet paper rewinding machine itself is secondary processing equipment, and the raw materials are all semi-finished paper purchased from the paper mill, that is, large shaft paper. Commonly used papers are pure wood pulp paper, semi-wood pulp paper, bamboo paper, straw pulp paper, deinked paper, cotton pulp paper, and so on. We have to choose the base paper according to the market group and consumption level we are targeting.

The last is the workshop. Generally, an ordinary paper reel is six meters long and three meters wide. We have to prepare a workshop of at least sixty to seventy square meters, that is, the production workshop, and then the width of the workshop door should be more than two and a half meters, so that our equipment and large-axis paper can be transported back and forth more conveniently. Then prepare a warehouse to store finished paper and large-axis paper.

After the main items are prepared, there are only some minor aspects left, such as packaging bags, workbenches, power supplies, air pumps, etc. We need to go to the printing factory to make customized bags. After all of these are prepared, they can basically be produced.

Believe that this project of toilet paper processing will help you embark on the road of getting rich and starting a business!