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What Are the Classification of Tissue Packing Machine?

What Are the Classification of Tissue Packing Machine?

Ⅰ. The general classification of tissue packing machine

The tissue packing machine can be divided into major categories: roll paper packaging machine, toilet paper packaging machine, three-dimensional tissue packaging machine and cotton tissue packaging machine, etc. 

Ⅱ. The specific classification of tissue packing machine

1. Roll paper packaging machine

In the past, the roll paper packaging machine commonly used in the market put the roll paper on the conveyor belt one by one by hand. The current roll paper packaging machine can automatically transport materials through the feeder, saving labor costs, and equipped with an automatic edge ironing machine to roll the roll. After the paper packaging is formed, the products that are automatically sent out after the edge is ironed, both ends have been ironed, and the appearance is more beautiful.

2. Automatic tissue packaging machine

It is mainly used for bagging and packaging of soft tissues of various specifications, instead of traditional manual packaging, with fast speed, neat and beautiful packaging, which saves manpower and improves production efficiency. Put the unsealed products on the feeding device of the machine, and the two-end fold-sealing will be automatically completed.

3. Toilet paper packaging machine

The toilet paper packaging machine is mainly used for the independent packaging of toilet paper, instead of traditional manual filming and sealing one by one, which has the advantages of fast speed, compact and beautiful packaging, and labor saving.

toilet paper packaging machine

4. Semi-automatic roll paper packaging machine

By manually placing the rolls of paper one by one on the unwinding device on the upper side of the conveyor belt, the machine uses roll film to automatically make bags and synchronously seal the packaging.

5. Automatic roll paper packaging machine

The roll paper is automatically arranged on the conveyor belt through the up-feeding device on the machine, and the machine uses roll film to automatically make bags and synchronously seal the packaging. After packaging, the roll paper balls are also processed by edge ironing.

6. Cotton tissue packing machine

The cotton tissue packing machine adopts Omron's high-end heating tube system, and the temperature error is controlled within 1 ℃. During high-speed operation, the system can ensure that each bag is made flawlessly. The heating wire can be heated and cooled immediately, without the need to replace the heating wire and heating belt for a long time.

cotton tissue packing machine