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Wash Your Hands Frequently during the Epidemic and Learn How to Wipe Your Hands!

Wash Your Hands Frequently during the Epidemic and Learn How to Wipe Your Hands!

1. The development background of hand towel packing machine

During this time, everyone has realized the importance of hand washing to personal hygiene and health. Scientific hand washing is one of the effective ways to reduce the spread of diseases. Hand washing is to reduce the number of bacteria in the hands. However, we found that there are many minefields that let our frequent hand washing "fall short", we should not only wash hands frequently, but also wipe hands, which is also the key link.

Compared with other hand-wiping methods, hand towels are convenient and quick to use, without irritation to hands. The hand towel not only saves human resources, but also reduces the overall cost. It is more cost-effective to use and is favored by more people. The production of hand towels has also received attention from major manufacturers. Soontrue ZB230F hand towel packing machine shows the brand advantages that packaging brings to products, allowing your products to shine in the market!

2. Introduction of Soontrue hand towel packing machine

Soontrue ZB230F hand towel packing machine has excellent quality and superb packaging technology that takes into account the practicality and beauty of packaging. It adopts PLC and servo motor control, the whole machine has reasonable design, fine processing, and uses domestic and foreign famous brand components. It has the characteristics of convenient and reliable configuration, mature and stable performance. After a full range of professional testing, it is safer to use and more reliable.

1. Model parameters:

Maximum packaging speed: 30 bags/min

Maximum length of finished product: 150-230mm

Finished product width: 120-230mm

Finished product height: 75-80mm

Packing form: roll/film/tube/bag/single package

Whole machine weight: about 4700kg

2. 9 major advantages help your production

(1) The equipment is equipped with a fully automatic material sorting mechanism, which can quickly realize the switching of different packaging specifications, and the design space is convenient for maintenance

(2) The equipment has automatic and accurate bag delivery, and automatic alarm or shutdown when the bag is missing

(3) When the equipment is down due to failure, materials will be automatically rejected. It has the function of collecting the remaining material. If the remaining material is blocked, it should automatically alarm or shut down

(4) The mechanical mechanism of the equipment has overload protection function and stops. If the equipment has overload protection, after resetting the overload mechanism manually, the button reset can automatically restore the phase of the servo control system (return to the origin state slowly)

(5) The heating control adopts a unique constant temperature sealing control system to ensure that the sealing is smooth and beautiful

(6) Bag supply mechanism of bag warehouse: the online bag making system of roll/film/tube/bag is more stable

(7) Each cylinder action, suction action, and heating circuit can be set with manual and automatic selection functions on the touch screen

(8) High-power and large-flow fans are used for vacuum and negative pressure

(9) The power of all drives is 20% higher than the power of the drive motor, and the power of the inverter is 20% higher than the motor power

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