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The "Appearance" Make-up | Cotton Tissue Packaging Machine ZB800M

Cotton Tissue Packing Machine


The packaging speed: 45-60 packs / min

A Fresh Packaging Experience

It with quality Soontrue machinery boosts your production in the long run.

Online bag sealing and cutting enhance the efficiency.

The edges and corners are nice and neat.

A delicate and exquisite packaging upgrades products.

A Comprehensive Professional Testing

A guaranteed operation makes it safe and reliable.

Its packaging speed is 45-60 packs / min.

Its qualification rate is ≥97%.

It is universally practicable to packaging film material like the PE double-sided heat-sealing film (which is strongly recommended) and various heat-sealing composite films.

It weighs 3000KG.

The heating power of the main engine is 3.0 KW.

Its power supply should be 4P380V.

Major advantages of the superior machine are as follow:

Advanced Properties

A stable performance with a prompt response

· It is driven independently by the 10 axis Mitsubishi J4 series servo, which ensures prompt responses and precise actions.

· It is controlled by the Mitsubishi Q Series PLC, the motive CPU and the Mitsubishi J4 high-resolution servo, which guarantees a stable performance in high-speed operation.

Simplified Operations

A simple operation with an easy maintenance

· An great LCD touch screen displaying the parameter setting facilitates the switch of specifications.

· A full-automatic feeding unit capable of adjusting speed accordingly to the amount of materials is a perfect match to the front-end automatic equipment.

· The final seal adopts Germany ROPEX intelligent temperature control, which rapidly heats and cools the wire. Therefore, it never asks for replacement of the electric heating wire and the high-temperature adhesive tape.

Superior Qualities

A perfect qualification rate with minimal errors

· It is controlled by heating pipes of the high-end Omron thermostat with a stable deviation of±1°, which ensures every pack a complete bag in the high-speed operation.

· It is equipped with tests to successfully open the bag. Failed openings will stop the material feeding.

· Its material checking function works for the incoming material, that is, no material, no bags. If there is no material for a long time, it will automatically shut down the fan.

· It has an automatic packaging film rectifying device (Germany).