Soontrue's First Product Sales Training and Seminar in 2021

1. Soontrue's first product sales training and seminar in 2021

On July 2, 2021, Soontrue's first product sales training and seminar were held in Ningbo. Managers of all levels and major elites from the three major bases in Shanghai, Foshan, and Chengdu attended the meeting.

soontruemachine 2.jpgWith the theme of "Gathering Momentum in Soontrue, Empowerment with Wisdom", the conference aims to focus on products, strengthen marketing teams, broaden sales horizons, build innovative sales models, and create more value for customers in the future.

2. Focus on products and empower with wisdom

soontruemachine 3.jpgAt the meeting, Chairman Huang Song emphasized that "we must let everyone master new knowledge and raise their thinking to a new height!" Chairman Huang Song closely combined his rich experience, insights, and experience, and made this training valuable through in-depth and simple vivid explanations. In the meeting, he innovatively expressed his ideas, which was sand table simulation training. In this way, he helped participants receive in-depth thinking impact and training views of the overall situation, have a deep understanding of business management, and improve their skills.

3. Sand table simulation|Meeting site

soontruemachine 4.jpgsoontruemachine 5.jpgsoontruemachine 6.jpgsoontruemachine 7.jpgLooking forward to the future, Soontrue will continue to carry forward the spirit of independent innovation and advancing with the times, deepen the professional field, specialize and refine the products, and win customers' trust with excellent strength!

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