Snack Express | An Amazing Enterprise Provides Customized Automatic Packaging for Major Well-known Food Brands in China

At present, the boosted food industry springs up new breeds with successively new favorites crowding in. The changeable market asks for massive cost-effective production and packaging machinery of superior quality, among which the packaging machinery acts as a servant to "put on fancy clothes" on the products, as well as an important final "inspector".

Being a strong support of sustainable technological innovation, a pioneer founded in the 1990s in packaging equipment industry in China, has been committed to the exploration and development of packaging machinery techniques for more than 20 years with major food enterprises to be its appointed customized packaging partners, such as Dali Foods Group, Panpan Foods, Taoli, Huitouke, Paoba, Three Squirrels, Bestore, LYFEN, Jinsihou, Yake, Calleton, Hongyi, Cundo, Zhejiang Yiming, Hongsenlin, Chenji Wangfu, Horsh, DXC, Kaililai, Yanjin, Jinjian, Sunny Taste, Hougu. This pioneer is Foshan Soonture Machinery Equipment Co. , Ltd. (short for "Soontrue Machinery ".)

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Dedicated to packaging techniques for 20 years, Soontrue has been excelsior.

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The confidence of being a strong support can be seen from the Soontrue's development that it is from years of practical experience.

In 1993, the born year of Soontrue machinery, witnessed the birth of a PM pillow food packaging machine, which evolved the baking industry by overturning the manual packaging and later was honored as China's first-generation plastic packaging machine in the baking industry on mass sales.

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Shanghai Soontrue Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd founded in 2005 to answer for the boosted scale-up. Meanwhile, the first ZL series automatic vertical packaging machine was successfully developed, which paves way to industries of liquid, condiment, quick-frozen and so on. Shanghai, Foshan and Chengdu, the three branches dominate different industries, among which Foshan is mainly in charge of the baking industry. The year of 2007 witnessed the birth of the first generation of high-speed vertical packaging machine, which is far-famed in the North American market, together with 12-station and zipper bag packaging machine.

In 2011, the Shanghai branch won the "Top 100 Baking Enterprises" awarded by the National  Baking Industry Association, followed by another the "Shanghai's Famous Trademark" issued by the Shanghai Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce, as well as the "Excellent Science and Technology Enterprises". All products have passed the test of IS09001-2008 quality management system.

In 2014, awarded the "Excellent Brand of China's Baked Food", the Foshan branch stepped into the secondary packaging market by its independently developed medium package machine, the automatic moon cake box processing line and the large package machine.

At present, Soontrue has six series of automatic packaging machinery including over 60 models covering various industries of food, cold drinks, medicine, hardware, electrics, daily chemicals, household paper and so on, among which the main products are the ZW series pillow type automatic box packaging machine, the ZB series high-end packaging machine and the ADAP automatic materials processing system.

In particular, for the food industry, Soontrue machinery has been rooted in the packaging industry for more than 20 years providing about 3,000 horizontal food packaging solutions and about 150 customized materials processing programs for the bakery and food related industries each year, which is a strong evidence of Soontrue's professional techniques and rich experience.


The Non-standard Custom Made

A Complete-line Development of the Industry Chain

It is demanded for machinery of food enterprises that the least labor cost matches with the highest efficiency, which pushes machinery enterprises moving forward to the intellectualization. To answer the digital industrial era, higher technique requirements arise from 20 years of innovative packaging equipment experience and latest packaging solutions knowledge. In order to achieve the one-stop production, Soontrue machinery has set up a complete-line of the entire industrial chain from pre-processing to post-packaging. Its newly developed equipment, the pillow-type packaging machine, the intelligent manipulator and the integrated packaging machine meet different packaging needs ranging from small, middle packages to the box. Therefore, it achieves a high efficiency and reduces the labor cost.

Meanwhile, the needs targeted design is based on understanding the products and the demands agreed out of the in-depth communication between the designers and the customers. The customized packaging system perfectly matches the products in a labor effective way. With rich experience in machinery technology, performance and stability, Soontrue is equipped itself with professional pre-sale, mid-sale and post-sale teams, as well as professionals of technical R&D services to assure the users and win the trust of customers.

Moreover, the technology-backed Soontrue has established itself not only in food industry also in the household paper, the frozen food, the fried goods and the salt industry. For Soontrue, technology and experience accumulated by years of mechanical equipment operation are universal, making a versatile technique container to meet the various needs of any packaging industry.

It is obvious that Soontrue is dedicated to packaging machinery products R&D, manufacturing and services on its way of the 1993's workshop to the present massive chain with three branches of Shanghai, Foshan and Chengdu covering a total area of 200 acres. It is driven by the core values of innovation, precision, passion, fairness and service. Constantly improving its quality and service, it is committed to become a world-class equipment suppliers.

"Wisdom breeds a free life", the fresh morale of Soonture leads to a professional excellence and a comprehensive prospect. Soonture strives to become the value-creating partner of more enterprises and win the forefront rank for the Chinese nation in packaging machinery of the world!

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