Shipments of tissue paper making machine & tissue packaging

Dated 10th Aug., finally we have completed all the goods for our customer in Middle east, totally 8 containers, it includes the complete packing line for facial packing and toilet roll packing, we are expecting they could improve the automation at customer side soon.

In paper business, the word "tissue" includes all paper products used for sanitary and hygienic purposes both at home and/or in public places. The tissue paper making is a financially and feasible viable project as it has huge returns and few investments. The set up of the tissue paper making manufacturing unit can be small-scale or large-scale business. An individual can start a tissue paper making business with little investment and can develop the structure whenever he wants. As the use of paper is increasing rapidly, it's a new revolution in the paper industry. More than 5 billion people are supplied paper worldwide by the pulp and paper industry. Initially, pulp and paper making was a slow and labor-intensive process, but today the high-tech and high-speed paper machines and capital-intensive equipment drive these processes. More than 400 million tons of paper are produced every year around the world. Paper is used for several purposes. Many countries have banned poly bags and are accepting the paper as a substitute. Toilet rolls, tissue papers, paper towels, facial towels, and much more are being quite easily accepted by the world, and hence this is shaping up the paper industry and providing employment to many people.

Paper packing machine also be the important machinery for your tissue paper plant business. Soontrue  can supply you kinds of packing machines for multiple toilet paper rolls, single roll, facial tissue paper, napkin  paper, towel paper, wet tissue paper and so on. Depend on rich experience and professional technical team, Soontrue Machiery can design kinds of packing system for your tissue production line. If you want to purchase the ideal tissue packing machine at competitive price, Soontrue tissue machine company will be your first choose.
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