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Sanitary Napkin/Pad Packing Machine

Sanitary Napkin/Pad Packing Machine

The sanitary pad case packaging machines produced by Soontrue have a compact structure, good stability, and simple and uncomplicated operation. The system is efficient and reliable, and maintenance is more convenient.

Main Features of Sanitary Napkin Sealing Machine:

1. The sanitary pad packaging machine adopts a 10-axis Mitisusbi J4 series servo, with fast reaction speed and accurate control.

2. The control system adopts Mitsubishi Q type PLC, and the dynamic CPU adopts J4 high-resolution servo, so it runs stably at high speed.

3. The big HMI with LED display makes the operation and parameter change very convenient.

4. The sanitary napkin sealing machine adopts Omron high-end heating tube system to control the temperature error within 1 ℃. At high speed, the system can ensure the perfect production of each bag. The end seal is controlled by German Ropex, the heating wire can be heated and cooled immediately, without the need to replace the heating wire and heating strip for a long time.

5. The sanitary pads packaging machine can detect bag-opening and bag-pulling.

6. The machine can test the product, no product for a long time when the fan automatically shuts down.

7. This machine has the function of film adjustment (German device).

Pay attention to the following when purchasing sanitary pad packaging machine:

1. It is necessary to determine which products the sanitary napkin packing machine you will purchase will be packed.

There are many napkin packaging machine manufacturers, and special machines are usually better than compatible machines. It is best not to exceed 3-5 types in a packaging machine. In addition, products with a relatively large size distance should be separated by machine packaging as much as possible.

2. Cost-effective.

3. Bring a sample test machine as much as possible.

If there is an on-site inspection, in addition to the overall aspect, attention should be paid to small details, which usually determine the quality of the whole machine.

4. In terms of after-sales service, we must pay attention to the company's reputation.


5. Prioritize sanitary pads packaging machines trusted by peers.

6. Priority is given to machines with simple operation protection, complete accessories, and full automatic continuous feeding organization.

This can improve packaging power and reduce labor costs, which is suitable for the company's long-term plan.

7. It is better to choose a brand-name tissue packaging machine company with a long history, and the quality is guaranteed.

Select models with sophisticated skills and stable quality to make packaging faster and more stable, with low energy consumption and low rejection rate.

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