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Soontrue Machinery adopts advanced technology, and the whole machine has been fully upgraded in the market for many years. All operations are more convenient and faster, which greatly improves production efficiency.Welcome to Contact us now!

Best Tissue Paper Packaging Machine in China

Founded in 1993, Shanghai Soontrue is an international professional packing machine manufacturer, which involved in R&D, manufacturing, sales and some other services. Over the past years, we have successfully provided solutions and services for customers from over 50 countries and regions around the world.

Shanghai Soontrue Machinery is the biggest manufacturer for household tissue packaging machinery in China;

Soontrue has 3 factories bases in China, its headquarter is in Shanghai;

In addition, we have our own CNC department to produce 60% parts for our machines to ensure accuracy, precision and good quality.

Well Organized Tissue Paper Machine Factory

Soontrue independently develops and produces tissue packaging machine and is a leading manufacturer in the industry. No middleman, save your purchasing budget.

We have the leading peer R&D technology of automation equipment and strict quality control system, which can be customized and modified according to customer needs.

Our machines have a complete range of products, large purchasing options, and meet the requirements of different tissue paper production line configurations. The sales market is all over the world.

We have different models of tissue paper packing machines for facial tissue & napkin, paper roll, handkerchief paper, sanitary pad, etc.; We can supply the full line solutions, includes facial tissue packaging machine, napkin packaging machine, paper roll packing machine, hand towel packaging machine, handkerchief packing machine and sanitary napkin packing machine.

Manufacturer of Tissue Paper Cutting and Packing Machine
Factory Show of Tissue Paper Packing Machine
Factory Show of Tissue Packaging Machine
Factory Show of Tissue Paper Packaging Machine
Factory Show of Tissue Paper Packaging Machines
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