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Product Packaging Gives You a Head Start

Product Packaging Gives You a Head Start

1. The importance of cotton tissue packing machine

Many companies often complain: Why are their own products always treated differently by the market for the same quality? Have you ever thought that your product is "lost" on the packaging?

Now many people prefer products with beautiful appearance, product packaging is particularly important, and the aesthetics and functionality of product packaging have become attributes that consumers value extremely. Especially for products like cotton tissues whose main sales target is the pursuit of quality life, the product packaging has been given new "vitality" again.

People often say "fall in love at first sight", and the same applies to cotton tissues. High-quality packaging is not only to exert its functionality, but also to exert its psychological function to attract consumers' attention. With the emergence of cotton tissues, manufacturers want to have a place in the fierce competition, protective, functional and aesthetic packaging will be the future development direction of cotton tissue packing!

2. Advantages of Soontrue cotton tissue packing machine

Soontrue ZB800M cotton tissue packing machine has excellent experience in all aspects, and all accessories are newly upgraded, focusing on product quality improvement and beautiful and exquisite packaging, making your packaging "appealing".

1. Imported originals, better performance equipment, quality determines packaging quality

The control system is equipped with Mitsubishi Q series PLC, motion CPU and Mitsubishi J4 high-resolution servo, and the high-speed operation performance is more stable. 10-axis Mitsubishi J4 series servo independent drive, fast response speed and precise action.

The bag-making sealing adopts the heating tube control of Omron's high-end temperature control system, and the stable deviation is ±1° high-speed operation to ensure that each packaging bag can complete the bag-making process and is equipped with a packaging film automatic correction device (Germany). The final sealing adopts German ROPEX intelligent temperature control, electric heating wire rapid heating and cooling, according to the advantages of long-term no need to replace electric heating wire and high temperature tape.

2. Smart, make packaging simple, save time and effort, and use more at ease

Fully automatic material sorting unit, with the functions of accelerating for lack of material and decelerating for full material, perfectly connecting with front-end automatic equipment. With incoming material detection function, no material will be taken out of the bag, and the fan will be automatically turned off if there is no material for a long time. Large LCD touch screen display and parameter setting, easy to change specifications, with bag opening detection, unsuccessful bag opening function does not push the material.

3. Packing speed reaches 45-60 packs

Packing speed: 45-60 bags/min

Qualification rate: ≥98%

Adapt to packaging film material: PE double-sided heat-sealing film (recommended) / various heat-sealing composite films

Machine weight: 3000 KG

Host heating power: 3.0KW

Power supply type: 4P380V

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