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Paper Towel Packing Machine

Paper Towel Packing Machine

  1. The kitchen towel packing machinery is with compact occupation space.

  2. The hand towel packing machinery is equipped with automatic material feeding mechanism, which can quickly realize the switch of different packaging specifications, and the design space is convenient for maintenance;

  3. When the equipment is shut down, the material is removed automatically; It has the function of collecting surplus materials. If the surplus material is blocked, it should automatically alarm or stop;

  4. Equipment sensor detection system for paper output, includes packing machine, conveyor; In case of product accumulation due to fault, the machine will shut down automatically;

  5. Motor inverter control, energy-saving and power-saving;

  6. The machine is equipped with tissue putting device and auto-feeding device, which is helpful to avoid empty bag ;

  7. The hand/kitchen towel packaging machine is equipped with automatic waste discharge device, the waste can be discharged perfectly, no impact on the environment and packaging machine;