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Napkin Packing Machine Wins the Smart Future of Packaging

Napkin Packing Machine Wins the Smart Future of Packaging

1. The napkin packing machine is developing towards intelligence

With the continuous strong growth of the global napkin paper market, competition in the industry has become increasingly fierce, and companies are formulating strategies for the development of this sector. In the process, questions about the driving force behind the growth of market demand, the production capacity of major manufacturers and suppliers, the impact of technology and retail trends on the future have also increased. In order to respond to more competitive and more efficient production requirements, Soontrue introduced a more intelligent napkin packing machine. The specific models will be introduced below.

2. Model introduction of Soontrue's napkin packing machine

1. ZB300F napkin packing machine (as shown in Figure 1)

The machine is suitable for packaging napkins. The napkin packing machine is controlled by an integrated controller system, with a frequency converter stepless speed regulation, supplemented by a servo system, and a touch screen operation interface. The structure is driven by a crank rocker. The film, cutting knife, and the intermediate feeding are all driven by servos, so that the pulling, cutting, and feeding movements of the film are stable and accurate.

Average packaging speed: 85-100 bags/min

Air source: 0.5-0.7 MPa

Maximum film diameter: 450 mm

Film core diameter: 75-78 mm

napkin packing machine

(Figure 1)

2. ZB500 box type napkin packaging machine (as shown in Figure 2)

(1) Using automatic tissue feeding, unpacking, packing, batch number printing, gluing, sealing and other packaging methods. The structure is compact and reasonable, and the operation and adjustment are simple.

(2) Servo/stepping motor, touch screen, PLC control system and man-machine interface display make the operation more clear and convenient. The degree of automation is high, and the machine is more humane.

(3) The automatic discharging and conveying mechanism is adopted, which is convenient for linkage production with the automatic production line, which greatly reduces the labor cost.

(4) Using photoelectric eye automatic detection and tracking system. If the bag is empty, it is not boxed to save packaging materials to the greatest extent.

Maximum packaging size: L240mm×W120mm×H100mm

Minimum packaging size: L100mm×W100mm×H30mm

Packing speed: 50-130 boxes/min (depending on the size of the box)

napkin packing machine

(Figure 2)

Soontrue will seize the development opportunities of the new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation to create an interconnected and interactive platform for the machinery industry. You are welcome to contact us and purchase products!

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