Napkin Packaging Machine Routine Operation And Layout

First, as for the napkin packing machine, commonly used operating parts should be placed close to the operator as much as possible. When the machine shape is large and needs to be operated in several positions, measures such as linkage can be adopted. The height of the operating member from the ground is preferably 600-1100mm, and operating parts with large operating force shall be placed at proper lower position. The direction of rotation of the operating parts should be consistent with the direction of movement of the driven parts, and it is generally stipulated that the speed control handwheel rotates clockwise to increase the speed and is attached to an indicator to avoid mis-moving the height of the silo of the packaged goods and auxiliary packaging equipment. And the position of the bracket of the roll packaging material should be properly arranged. When it is heavy, it can be set on the side of the machine to reduce the height; when it is light, it can be set on the top of the machine to reduce the floor space; and it is necessary to take into account the beautiful appearance of the napkin packing machine, and try to set it within the scope of the operator.

napkin packing machine


Second, the height of the napkin packing machine working table is generally selected in the range of 700-900mm, but for the packaging of large and heavy items, the above height should be appropriately reduced.


Third, the operator should always pay attention to the locations where packaging operations are concentrated and prone to failure. When determining the direction of an item, it is generally made to move from left to right or rotate clockwise, except for the special requirements of the packaging production line.

Forth, indicating instruments such as temperature, pressure, speed, counting, as well as signal lights, tape alarms, valves, drain valves and related IM cards, etc. should be arranged in positions that are easy for operators to observe and maintain.

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