Looking Back on 2020 and Looking Forward to 2021

Time flies, in the extraordinary 2020, we were grateful and moved forward with warm heart.

In 2020, we worked hard to fight the COVID-19 together!

In 2020, we took industrial upgrade as the core, improved quality and efficiency, and empowered with wisdom!

In 2020, we were moving forward with the era of intelligence, committed to innovation and rapid development!

Looking back on 2020: Tribute to those who work together

After the outbreak of the COVID-19, Soontrue Machinery worked with all walks of life to fight the epidemic and fully invested in the production of mask packaging machines. Moreover, Soontrue set up an epidemic prevention and control team, with all staff working together, always putting the health of employees first and building tight line of defense.


Leading an innovative future with smart technology

In the past year, Soontrue applied smart manipulators to packaging, boxing, and palletizing solutions in multiple industries, as well as developing 3D visualization interaction and industrial Internet of Things software, empowering the traditional machinery manufacturing industry, promoting industry intelligence, and contributing solid strength to the technological development of China's packaging industry.



Precise strategic layout: start a new voyage

In this historic year, Soontrue created new goals in its strategic layout. Chengdu Soontrue has initiated the reform of the management model of the business unit; Foshan Soontrue Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. was established to open a new voyage, which laid a strategic foundation for its development.


Wisdom empowers smart manufacturing: new achievements in technological innovation

With innovative technology to promote the rapid development of intelligence, Soontrue has launched a number of new products in 2020: SAZ180 three-servo mask packaging machine, XSJ10A integrated dumpling machine, straight-line wonton machine, etc. A number of key technologies have achieved breakthroughs, which fully reflects the scientific and technological innovation and professional R&D strength of the Soontrue team.


Buck the trend: write a new chapter in history

Chengdu Songchuan Leibo Machineries Co., Ltd. quick-frozen production line business department signed an order of 57.55 million yuan; the annual turnover hit a record high, successfully surpassing 150 million yuan; the annual sales volume of Soontrue Pearl Crown mask packaging machine exceeded 6,000 units.


Industry 4.0: Build a smart factory

In 2020, the renovation of Shanghai Soontrue talent apartment was completed, which is reserved for attracting innovative and high-quality talents; the three major bases have been upgraded in intelligence, and the new factory building in Foshan has been successfully accepted; the third and fourth floors of the Chengdu Soontrue office building have been put into use. From the transformation of hardware and production facilities to the transformation to advanced manufacturing in all aspects and multiple dimensions, to create a new smart factory in the era of Industry 4.0.


Cohesion: show Soontrue style

The vigorous spirit and dedication are the fine qualities of every Soontrue staff. They strive to be the first in games and competitions, face up to difficulties and obstacles, and use their actions to interpret Soontrue employee's rigorous and dedicated spirit. Their sweat shows vitality and passion in the struggle.


Honors demonstrate responsibility and accountability

Shanghai Soontrue Fengguan Packaging Automation Co., Ltd. was rated as High-tech Enterprise;

Foshan Soontrue won the Manufacturing Singles Champion Enterprise in Foshan High-tech Zone;

Foshan Soontrue was awarded Leading Enterprise in Foshan High-tech Zone;

Foshan Soontrue won the Foshan City Hidden Champion Enterprise.


Having met the challenges again and again, 

Soontrue also witnessed the warmth touching the bottom of heart.

In 2020 we were touched and upgraded.

2021 is already here, and the better is ahead.

Thanks to every employee for their hard work in 2020,

Also thank customers for their trust and support;

Gathering in Soontrue with wisdom empowering!

In 2021, Soontrue looks forward to creating a wonderful future with you!

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