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How to Choose a Tissue Paper Production Line?

How to Choose a Tissue Paper Production Line?

1. The importance of a tissue paper production line

Tissues are a kind of sanitary paper that combines the characteristics of practicality and aesthetics. Now we have to the tissue in almost every consumption premise, and the usage and sales of paper towels are increasing. The current tissue market has great prospects but less competition. Thus, investing in the field of tissue processing is a very good choice now. For someone who are new to this industry, they should equip themselves with a certain degree of knowledge in the purchase of tissue paper production lines.

2. The purchasing skills of the tissue paper production line

First of all, determine the type and size of the machine before purchase because the price of the tissue paper production line is closely decided by its type and size. In the case of the same configuration, the larger the width of the base paper is, the higher the price of the tissue paper production line will be.

Secondly, the market is divided into soft tissues and box tissues according to the manner of packaging because the difference between of them is mainly reflected in their external packaging. The tissues are all produced by the tissue paper production line. The price of the tissue production line mainly depends on the model and specifications of the tissue paper production line. At present, there are three-row, five-row, and seven-row tissue production lines commonly used in the market. With the different number of rows, the price is also different. The larger the number of rows, the higher the price.

From the configuration point of view, all points, including embossing, several layers of rear frames, the kind of fan and frequency conversion, should be considered when buying a tissue paper production line. Therefore, the purchase of equipment depends not only on the number of rows of the machine, but also the configuration and performance of the machine.

In short, when you buy a tissue paper production line, you need to have a good understanding and inspection. Thus, you will not be deceived when you buy it.