Household Paper Industry has Driven the Development of Toilet Paper Packaging Machine

1. Development background of toilet paper packaging machine

People are increasingly inseparable from toilet paper in daily life, and the increase in demand is also the reason for the gradual expansion of the toilet paper market.

Moreover, due to this year's epidemic, consumers in Hong Kong, Japan, the United States and other regions have snapped up toilet paper, which has caused a constant boom in toilet paper purchases everywhere. The global household paper industry has a market value of approximately US$79 billion. It is estimated that in 2020, the household tissue market will add 1.5 million tons of new capacity, an increase of 2.79% year-on-year. Under such a development background, it has also driven the development of toilet roll packing machine. Shanghai Soontrue Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd is a professional supplier of toilet paper packaging machines.

2. Reasons for choosing Soontrue toilet paper packaging machine

Soontrue household paper packaging equipment occupies a huge market share in the industry. In recent years, the international hygiene equipment manufacturing technology and level have developed rapidly. With the introduction of concepts such as intelligent manufacturing, industrial Internet, and industry 4.0, Soontrue household paper packaging equipment is improving and speeding up the pace of automation and intelligence. Soontrue continues to polish the details of packaging equipment, and the equipment is developing in a more intelligent and humane direction to help companies reduce labor costs and production costs.

In addition, in the market environment of industrial intelligent production, Soontrue has deeply integrated toilet paper packaging machines with the Internet and filled the original industry gap, achieving the goal of high-quality virtual visualization products.

toilet paper packaging machine

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