Gathering in Soontrue, Creating Unlimited Future | 2021 Foshan Soontrue's Team Building and Expansion Activities

In the golden autumn of October, the sweet osmanthus is fragrant. On October 22, 2021, Foshan Soontrue Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. organized an extraordinary expansion activity. With the theme of "Gathering in Soontrue, Creating Unlimited Future", this expansion aims to train the team and enhance team cohesion. On the day of the event, more than 500 employees arrived at the Nanhai Wetland Theme Park training base by bus.

Accompanied by loud and confident slogans and one after another brilliant and eye-catching team flags, 24 teams successfully met, and then the tense and fierce competition officially began! This expansion activity includes expansion projects such as "A canal is formed when water comes", "Roman artillery", "African drum" and so on. Through the training, the team spirit, execution, and cohesion have been improved.



"A canal is formed when water comes": the trial of speed and concentration

In the "A canal is formed when water comes", the team should take advantage of mutual trust and consistent pace, walking towards the common goal, smelting the team strength, and realizing self-worth! Only through the close cooperation and fast and orderly actions of everyone in the team can the water be efficiently transmitted. Every link must not be slack so that Soontrue employees can better understand the importance of cooperation and unity.


"Roman artillery": wisdom and challenge

In the "Roman artillery", with the processes of preparation, planning, and battle, we can fully tap the potential of each team member. When they face difficulties and challenges, they should use intelligent collaboration to resolve, achieve efficient cooperation between teams, carry out innovative strategies and tactics, and let the team experience extraordinary tests and challenges to enhance the courage and self-confidence of team members.


"African drums": walking together with one heart

In ebullient music, repeated percussive practice makes the chaotic sounds gradually become orderly. The rhythm of African drums fully reflects the team spirit of "one heart", "walking together" and "inspiring together".


Gain and Inspiration

The well-planned expansion projects have stimulated the vitality of the team and enhanced the cohesion and centripetal force of the team. In the alternate expansion experience process, everyone shared the joy of success, and fully realized the important significance of teamwork such as mutual trust, effective communication, reasonable organization, and strong execution of a strong team!

A refined team and an enterprising heart gather strength together. Every time they advance, they glow with youthful brilliance, and every time they play, they show infinite strength. The 24 high-spirited teams completed their tasks well, showing the vigor and vitality of the employees of Soontrue. All employees are ambitious and vigorous!



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Towards the evening, the company organized a large-scale picnic event. Elites in Soontrue who dominate the workplace on weekdays now become star chefs, and they all show their talents! Picking up firewood to make fire, steaming and boiling, and there is smoke spiraling on the spot. The delicacy on the firewood once again brought everyone closer together, and there was endless laughter and joy!


In 2021, the Foshan Soontrue expansion activity of "Gathering in Soontrue, Creating Unlimited Future" ended up perfectly! The interesting and colorful team-building activities have enabled each member to understand each other in-depth and gain a lot. It is the team's encouragement and the spirit of never giving up that overcome the challenges. In the future, we will devote ourselves to work in a better state, shine in our respective fields, and work hard together to meet challenges!

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