Fast and Productive - ZB300H is Amazing!

The Express Tissue Packaging Machine


The Packaging Speed: 120 packs / minute

An All-servo System

It provides a better packaging experience.

Are you struggling on the way to find an economical packaging machine

New model of Soontrue packaging machine ZB300H is an all-servo tissue packaging machine with a high speed, less area occupied and ultimate intelligence.

We have all the advantages you want!

A Stable Performance and a Prompt Response

It is controlled by industrial computer and equipped with 16 sets of absolute value servo system.

Two sets of frequency conversion system. Precise, stable, ultra automotive and advanced intelligent with high expansibility.

It employs electronic hand wheels instead of mechanical hand wheels (being the pioneer of the industry)

Simple debugging and accurate positioning.

Simple Operation and Easy Maintenance

It adopts an open mechanical structure, which facilitates the installation, debugging, operation and maintenance.

Its back-turning packaging method ensures a simple operation and a stable and excellent packing performance.

An intelligent interface is equipped with a function of saving instantly a formula to greatly improve the efficiency of switching formulas and minimize the waste of packaging material.

Super Intelligence

The photoelectric intelligent detection and tracking serves as a solution for running, empty and excessive packaging, which contributes to an improved quality, enhanced efficiency and reduced material loss.

With a variety of optional functions, it meets the diversified needs of various customers, such as the Internet of things, the visual inspection, the film coil automatic correction, the discharge air-cooling and special-shaped tears.

The servo system, together with the resistance ruler for feedback tracking, guarantees an accurate and stable film releasing. As a result, the unstable packaging caused by the shaking film reel is effectively prevented.

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