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Facial Tissue Packing Machine

Facial Tissue & Napkin Packing Machine

  1. There are different facial tissue packaging machines for tissue paper&napkin, the different models with different packing speed, different packing range. Includes single packing machine, bundler, case wrapper, big bag packing machine, etc;

  2. The tissue paper packing machine&napkin packing machine is controlled by the integrated controller, frequency step-less speed regulation and servo system, and adopting touch screen operation interface;

  3. The napkin packing machine adopting crank-rocker material pushing structure, servo power for film pulling, cutter and middle feeding; The restricted function of principal axis torsion and servo structure torsion, can avoid the damage of spare parts due to overload;

  4. The tissue paper packing machine adopts auto-putting conveyor, easy to be connected with automatic production line, saving much laboring cost;

  5. The paper napkin packing machine saves much packing material by the function of photocell checking, servo tracking, and non-material feeding without tissue;

  6. High automatization, high specialization, high efficiency and less trouble;

  7. The tissue product size can be transformed conveniently and quickly by humanized parameter regulating ways.