Facial Tissue Machine

As a professional facial tissue machine supplier, Soontrue provides a wide range of facial tissue machines at competitive prices. With strict quality control, we produce high-end tissue paper folding machines, log saw cutting machine for tissue paper, and facial tissue packing machines with consistent quality. Wanna know more information? Please feel free to contact us and our sales people will help you to find the facial tissue machine that suits you the most.

Soontrue Facial Tissue Machine For Sale

Soontrue Machinery adopts asvanced technology.Our tissue paper machine production line has been fully upgraded in the market for many years. The operations of Soontrue tissue paper machines are convenient, fast and efficient. We have the following tissue paper machines for sale at good prices.

Facial Tissue Packing Machine

High Speed Automatic Facial Tissue Packing Machine ZB300G


Automatic Face Tissue Packing Machine ZB290


Full Automatic Facial Tissue Paper Packing Machine ZB300F


Automatic Napkin Paper Packing Machine ZB300FN


Napkin Tissue Packing Machine ZB302A


Automatic Facial Tissue Box Packing Machine ZB500


Automatic Facial Tissue Carton Box Packing Machine ZX670D


Facial Tissue Paper Bundling Packing Machine TD300A


Napkin Tissue Bundle Packing Machine TD300B


The Advantages Of Soontrue Facial Tissue Machine


Wide Range of Selection

At Soontrue, you can choose different kinds of facial tissue machines so as to complete the whole production process of facial tissue.


Good Working Capacity

Not only do Soontrue's facial tissue machine have great production capacity, but they also have a long service life as it is easy to maintain these machines during daily uses.


Perfect After-sale Services

Questions from customer will be replied within 24 hours.

The Working Process of Facial Tissue Machine

Jumbo Rolls

Interfolded by the interfolder

Cutted by the logsaw cutter

Packed by the single packing machine

Full auto bundler

FAQs of Facial Tissue Machine

  • FAQs of Facial Tissue Machine

    • The automatic facial tissue production line is consists of the following machines:From jumbo roll to bundle packing is the full production line: 1set of inter-folder;1 set of logsaw cutting machine;1set of full automatic single packing machine;1set of full automatic bundle packing.

  • What is facial tissue used for?

    • In addition to makeup and beauty, facial tissues are one of those convenient products that can be used for various odds and ends, making them a handy item to have around the office. Tissues are particularly useful for quick cleanups and spills as well as dusting, and can be used as padding for delicate items.

  • How to start a business with facial tissue machine?

    • For the interfolder, there are 3 lanes, 4 lanes, 6 lanes, 7 lanes and 10 lanes. And according to different automation type, there are two type: full automatic with auto seperator on it, this type is more and more widly used as development of this industry. The second type is sem-auto interfolder which need a worker to take the folded tissue to the logsaw cutter manually which are still wide application in this industry.

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