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Cotton Tissue Packing Machine

Cotton Tissue Packing Machine

Main features of cotton tissue packing machine:

1. The machine is with 10 axis Mitisusbi J4 series servo for fast react and precisely control.

2. Similar to our pad packing machine, this series of cotton box packing machine also possess an advanced control system, which is equipped with Mitisubshi Q type PLC and motive CPU with J4 high-resolution servo for high speed and stable operation.

3. Big HMI with LED display makes the operation and parameter changing very convenient.

4. The machine is with Omron high-end heating tube system to control the temperature error within 1℃. During high-speed operation, this system can insure each bags be made perfectly. The end sealing is controlled by Ropex from Germany, in which the heating wires can heat and cool down immediately and no need to change the heating wires and heating tapes for long period.

5. The machine can detect the bag opening, no bag-open, no pulling.

6. The machine can detect the product, no product, no bag-taking, and will turn off the fan automatically if long time no product.

7. The machine is with film centralizing function (Germany device).